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'DeeBeeDis' Testimonials


As an instructor trainer I cannot fault Dave in any way. If there was an aspect of training you could not get to grips with he always seemed to have an answer and a different way to get the point over. He was very fair and honest in what he said and didnt mess about. He was very hands on in preparing and presenting different training methods. Dave was very professional in everything he did, and talking to others in my situation was held in high regard.

Gary T.  from Leigh

I qualified as an ADI last in 2008. I did the training with Dave and found him to be very professional and passionate about his industry. He paired me with someone who lived local to me which meant we could practice together privately. I thoroughly enjoyed the training mainly due to Daves enthusiasm and belief in me. I particulary benefitted from his training structure which ensured I could go away and practice what he had taught. Each training session brought something new and I found I was looking forward to the next one. I was worried about the part 3 training at first, I didnt know what to expect. I admit it took a while for it all to sink in and there were  some laughs and frustrations along the way but it all came together eventually. Daves role play of different learners was great (his list of characters was endless) and really made me realise how the real world would be. The best part of the training was that he knew I would make it-even though I doubted myself. He was right and I went on to pass part 1, 2 and 3 first time. Really enjoy life as a driving instructor now.

Vicky H.  from Blackburn

I had already had 2 attempts at the part 3 when I approached Dave for training. I had failed the previous attempts miserably and my confidence was very low, my previous trainers carried on with the same style and methods of training which had seen me fail twice, nothing had changed. My first session with Dave was an eye opener and I found myself understanding more about the requirements of the part 3 exam in a couple of hours than i had in the previous 4 to 5 months. With Dave the sessions became very structured and suited the way I like to learn new things, it really felt as though someone had removed the blind fold, I went on to pass on the third attempt. Six months later I had my first check test, got some more help from Dave and acheived a grade 6.

Jimmy H.  from Widnes

It was 9yrs ago I did my training with Dave. It was hard work, thorough and really enjoyable. After qualifying as an ADI I continued to develop my skills with Dave, started my own successful driving school and have now achieved a grade 6. When I heard Dave was starting deebeedis I felt I must post something on the testimonial page to let people know Dave is always there for help and advise even after passing the instructional ability test.

Lynne L. from Blackpool

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If I knew now what I new then I would have done things very different and trained with Dave from the outset. As I didn't have the benefit of hindsight I spent a lot of money on a course with a large outfit that left me lacking in the ability to pass my part 3 test. I was told about Daves expertise whilst on a trainee licence and decided to give him a try. Within the first 2 hours I knew more about the part 3 test than probably in the whole of the original training I had received, I can't thank him enough. I am adding this testimonial to try and convince anyone thinking of becoming a driving instructor to give deebeedis a go. I have had the benefit of 2 training providers, at one you are just a number, with Dave you are a person and treated as such.

Andy H. from Bolton


Driving Standards Agency GOAL

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